Wood Cremation Urn – Totara Koru

PROUDLY HONOR YOUR LOVED ONES: This full size adult wooden funeral cremation urn features a Koru.

In Maori  the Koru means ‘loop or coil’ is a spiral shape based on the appearance of a new unfurling  silver fern  frond.

It symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. Its shape “conveys the idea of perpetual movement,” while the inner coil “suggests returning to the point of origin”.


A truly beautiful heirloom urn crafted for your loved one, in the Swiss Wood Technician workshop. O with superior craftsmanship and the highest-quality materials. Each urn is constructed of superior quality Totara Wood and meticulously hand-finished with details to respectfully commemorate your loved one.

This wooden funeral urn is intended to hold the cremated remains or “ashes” of any size adult.

  • Made in New Zealand
  • Made from real solid Totara wood.
  • Lacquer  clear coat finis
  • Large capacity interior
  • Designed to hold remains of
  • 195mm / 195mm/ 230mm high
  • interior space 4.3Lt. or 4300cm3
  • Bottom opening access panel attaches with standard screws; remove panel, insert plastic bag holding the remains
  • Optional laser engraved inscription available


1 in stock (can be backordered)

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 195 × 195 × 230 mm